Legacy of the Barossa Pedro Ximénez NV (375ml)

Carl Lindner’s Pedro Ximénez is his family’s legacy

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Our wish is to nurture the unique character of these extremely old (X.O.) Pedro Ximénez wines, to capture them perfectly from barrel. Our Legacy of the Barossa is vigneron and lifelong champion of old vines and fortified wines, Carl Lindner.

Traditionally grown and vinified, the now rare Pedro Ximénez was first fortified by his family in 1944 and now averages 30 years of age. This wine is hand blended and bottled without fining or filtration and is best drunk within a week of opening, and we trust with a glass raised to Carl’s and his family’s foresight.



Longitude 34°31’55”
Latitude 138°53’40”
Altitude 740 Feet = 225 Metres

Tasting Notes

With a zesty nose, three dimensional and refreshing palate, this wine is delicious either served moderately chilled with a second glass, second bottle even as an aperitif, the finish is extraordinarily long, lingering for minutes and minutes after tasting, seemingly endless.

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